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To date there is no legal certification process in the United States for dog trainers or animal behaviorists and there are no governing bodies or organizations that regulate this industry. There are schools and training centers that will certify students as trainers /behaviorists but they are not regulated and have no set standard of teaching.

It is therefore important for a dog owner to look for someone that at least has 10 years of experience working hands-on with dogs, dog behavior problems and obedience training as well as someone that comes recommended by Veterinarians, prior clients and their family or friends that used the services.

It is important to understand that every dog is different so we treat each case separately and set up programs specifically designed for each individual dog. We work with you to find the right solution for you and your pet. With patience, love and consistent teaching, most dogs can become the companion dog owners dream of having in their life.


Family Pets Learning Center's behavior specialist DJ Dahl spent twenty-nine years as a dog breeder (mainly German Shepherd Dogs). DJ has over 30 years experience training all breeds of dogs. Twenty-five of those years were devoted to studying animal behavior to become a behavior specialist. DJ holds obedience training classes, conducts evaluation / consultations to solve behavior problems, has trained working dogs (police, search & rescue), assists breed rescue organizations by doing dog evaluations and has worked with exotic zoo animals. DJ has trained dogs in numerous fields including; protection, narcotics, hunting, search and rescue, therapy, 4-H, Assistant dogs for the handicapped and family pets. DJ is the owner of DJ's Dog Training & Behavior Specialists and DJ's Pet Connection.

DJ's life is devoted to working with animals and helping owners keep their four-legged furry friends.